Enabling Growth Through Performance
Enabling Growth Through Performance

Install VPS in Workgroup Environment

Installing VPS on any server is a pretty straight forward process – and installing on a workgroup is no different. Active Directory domains are recommended for larger environments because they benefit from the centralized security management – but many website setups or corporate ERP packages rely on dedicated walled off sets of systems that may contain several machines that do not have access to a domain.

This video will walk you though the steps to install VPS in in a workgroup environment and show you how to add the first computer.

Of course VPS needs access to a server in order to monitor it, but for the sake of brevity this video does not detail how access was given to the various systems involved. In this setup, we simply gave the VPS service account admin privileges to the windows server and the SQL Server which we were going to monitor. This is not required and we have documentation detailing how to add very granular permissions for hardened environments. We even have a SQL Script available to make the MSSQL permissions really easy if you want to be granular:

VPS Installation Guide
Step-by-step install instructions for installing VPS.

VPS Sizing Guide
VPS server sizing guide. (note that while this document calls out a requirement for Windows 2012 that as of this writing VPS is still supported on Windows 2008r2)

VPS Scanner Account Permissions
Detailed guidelines covering the requirements for the accounts that VPS will use to connect to monitored servers.

VPS Scanner Account Permissions script for SQL Server
A simple helper script that can be used to give VPS all the permissions it will need to monitor a SQL Server instance.

VPS Cluster Monitoring
Windows and SQL Server cluster monitoring guide and notes.

VPS WMI and COM Security Minimal Model
In tighter environments where the VPS scanner cannot have administrative permissions, this guide will walk you though adding only the most essential permissions to a server which is to be the target of VPS monitoring.

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