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SQL Script Deploy

v1.5 (2021-07-16)

Vroom SQL Script Deploy is a tool that allows you to keep track of database changes and incrementally deploy those changes as database versions. To get started you can quickly and easily extract an existing database schema as a version 1 baseline. Then just add a Version 2 to the project and start keeping track of the changes you wish to deploy later to a different environment.

The tool is also quite useful when you have a lot of scripts that you need executed in order against a SQL Server database. No more dragging hundreds or thousands of files into SQL Management Studio.

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(Instructions for use at the bottom of this page)



To get started you can use the create project wizard to reverse engineer a database and extract the starting schema. From there you would simply use your mouse to right-click and add a new version to the project.

Add new version

From this point you can use your mouse to right-click and create all the folders and files you want to properly organize how you want the scripts to be deployed. Remember that the scripts are run in the order in which they appear in the project UI, so be sure to keep them in a logical order. You can drag-and-drop the files/folders in the project explorer tree to reorder them.

Add files and folders

You can also drag-and-drop scripts or full folders from Windows Explorer directly into the SQL Script Deploy project.

Drag-and-drop scripts

Once you have the project organized the way you want it, you can click Deployment and then Deploy from the menu. From here you will select the versions you wish to deploy and they will be executed in order against the selected database. Keep in mind that these all run within a transaction and that any errors will result in the transaction being rolled back.

Deployment Version Selection

Deployment Version Selection

Once select the versions you want to deploy, click the Deploy button, then the tool will run the scripts in the order that you have specified.

Deploying Versions



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