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SQL Script Generator

v3.1 (2022-11-16)

The Vroom SQL Script Generator is a tool that simply allows you to generate scripts from a SQL Server database. The beauty however is in the tools flexibility.

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The SQL Script Generator allows you to select objects and also specify various output formats. For instance you can script all tables to separate individual files - but exclude indexes, then script all stored procedures to a single script, then output all of the data for a selected schema into a folder full of insert/update statements.

In doing this, the SQL Script Generator will be sure to keep the scripts in order so that they are runnable from a dependency perspective.

it also supports automation though a Json script that allows you to automatically select/exclude objects for schema or data scripting and allows for all kinds of flexibility in how those scripts look when created. This makes the tool a fantastic option for creating database deployment packages for installers or general continuous integration projects.



The SQL Script Generator UI is actually pretty straight forward to use. You'll simply connect to a (1) SQL Server, (2) select a database, (3) check off the objects you want and (4) press the generate button.

There not much need to tweak anything unless you have specific needs - but you can basically tweak it to your hearts desire.

Object Selection Mode:

When you are in "Export schema" mode, then the objects you select in the object tree are selected for (you guessed it) schema script generation. When you select the "Export data" mode then you can select objects that you want data scripts generated for. The important thing to remember is that these modes are NOT mutually exclusive, when you choose a selection mode you'll see that each mode keeps track of which objects you selected while in that mode.

This means that you can select 5 objects for schema export, click Export data and select 3 more objects for data export. When you hit the generate button, you'll get 8 scripts: 5 schema and 3 data scripts.

SQL Script Generator Selection Help


If you dig into the program file folder “C:\Program Files\Vroom Performance Technologies\SQL Script Generator” on your PC, you’ll find the hidden gem: “SSGC Example Script.json”

SQL Script Generator Automation Snippet

This file is the automation script for the SQL Script Generator. Instead of using the UI, you can simply pass the SSGC.exe executable the path to an automation script and have the SQL Script Generator reliably do the same thing each time.

These automation scripts can be used in a batch file, for instance:

@Echo Off
SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Vroom Performance Technologies\SQL Script Generator;
SSGC.exe /Config:_SchemaConfig.yaml


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