Enabling Growth Through Performance
Enabling Growth Through Performance

VPS Change Log 1.6.6

Major Changes

  • Authentication changed from AD to forms auth. This allows for a more integrated web interface in coming releases and for current compliance web interface.
  • All communication has been ported to SSL as opposed to plain HTTP.
  • MSMQ is now a required server component, this is in support of real-time monitoring with the next release.

SQL Execution Plans

  • Captures execution plan information regarding the level of optimization and the outcome of the optimization phase. For instance, it is now possible to differentiate between queries that have over-complicated execution plans which cause optimization timeouts, trivial queries, and even track execution plan cache hits/misses per query.
  • Additional captured plan attributes: Count of batches in the plan, count of statements, plan size, compile time, compile CPU cycles and compile memory.

File Auditing

  • Capture and alert on events regarding creation, deletion and modification to file system objects (files).

Schema Auditing

  • Capture and alert on events regarding creation, deletion and modification to database schema.

Active Directory Auditing

  • Capture an alert on any changes made to AD users and groups.

SQL Security Auditing

  • Capture and alert on events regarding creation, deletion and modification to of database users and any change in permissions on any level.


  • Added right-click copy functionality to quickly reproduce an alert.

SQL Server Instance Performance

  • Added new metrics to pivot charts and re-organized folders/groups.
  • Buffer Manager
  • Background writer pages/sec
  • Checkpoint pages/sec
  • Free list stalls/sec
  • Lazy writes/sec
  • Page lookups/sec
  • Page reads/sec
  • Page writes/sec
  • Readahead pages/sec
  • General Statistics
  • Connection Reset/sec
  • Logins/sec
  • Logouts/sec
  • Latches
  • Latch Waits/sec
  • SuperLatch Demotions/sec
  • SuperLatch Promotions/sec
  • Locks
  • Lock Requests/sec
  • Lock Timeouts (Timout>0)/sec
  • Lock Timeouts/sec
  • Lock Waits/sec
  • Number of Deadlocks/sec
  • SQL Statistics
  • Auto Param Attempts/sec
  • Batch Requests/sec
  • Failed Auto Params/sec
  • Forced Parameterizations/sec
  • Guided plan executions/sec
  • Misguided plan executions/sec
  • Safe Auto Params/sec
  • SQL Compilations/sec
  • SQL Re Compilations/sec
  • Unsafe Auto Params/sec

Disk Performance

  • Fields added to pivot charts and alerting.
    • Seconds per read, seconds per write, and seconds per Transfer (read + writes).
    • Percent utilized time (total), utilized for reads and utilized for writes.
    • Split IO per second (indicates large IO operations and fragmentation).

Windows Process Monitoring

  • Processes can now be tagged for unconditional collection
  • Not yet implemented by the GUI.

VMWare Host Monitoring

  • VMWare host CPU and Memory metrics are now automatically collected.

Additional Reports

  • SQL Server Daily I/O Latency
  • Current Memory Utilization by Server
  • System Downtime
  • SQL Server User Modifications
  • Active Directory Account State
  • Active Directory Account History
  • SQL Server Database File Latency by Server
  • SQL Server Database Data File Size by Server
  • Disk Space Size by Server
  • Disk Space Used by Server
  • Disk Space Free by Server
  • SQL Server Database Average Daily IOPS by Server
  • SQL Server Hourly Page Life Expectancy

GUI Changes

  • Alert grid on computer overview now contains the last occurrence date of the alert.
  • Additional disk performance metrics on Disk Performance pivot chart.
  • Ability to filter notable queries on their duration.
  • Notable query grids now display the average metrics per execution.
  • Added additional dashboards for SQL, Disk, Virtuals, Health and Capacity.

Misc. Changes

  • Moved SQL backup auditing out into its own scan interval so that it can be scheduled independently. This is to resolve frequent collection times for customers who retain large backup histories.
  • Implemented cache invalidation so that computer, alert, user, etc. changes take effect immediately.
  • Added “ignore query” functionality. Still absent from GUI.
  • Removed “Buffer Node” SQL metrics as they were not being properly supported by the VPS engine.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved bug which formatted dashboard values multiple times thereby converting TB to GB.

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