Enabling Growth Through Performance
Enabling Growth Through Performance

VPS Change Log 1.6.8

Quick View Dashboards

  • Added tool-tips to health metrics to assist in identifying the underlying health condition.
  • Added default values for empty charts.
  • “Dashboard” rebranded as Alert Dashboard.
  • “Chart Dashboard” rebranded as Performance Snapshot.

SQL Notable Queries

  • Added cross-reference to suggested indexes. Allows for quick discovery of related solutions to discovered bottle necks.
  • Added drill-through to suggested indexes from notable query.
  • Expanded query-text based searching capabilities.
  • Added search by NQUID (Notable Query ID) to notable query search.

SQL Disk Monitoring

  • Moved select attributes of disk geometry from the disk-metrics and added it to the disk-performance. This allows for quicker alerting on disk-space conditions and more efficient performance data storage.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue with disk-space trending values on machines with mirrored arrays.
  • Resolved issues with hidden date ranges on scan interval configuration.

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