Enabling Growth Through Performance
Enabling Growth Through Performance

VPS Change Log 1.6.9

SQL Notable Queries

  • Renamed context menu selection “Performance Details” to “Performance History”.
  • Added double-click drill-through to indexes, performance history, and query text.
  • Added single click drill-through to indexes, plans and query execution history.
  • Added query cost to execution history screen.
  • Miscellaneous numeric formatting.
  • Added nightly NQID aggregations for future added UI intelligence.

Performance Snapshot Dashboard

  • Added wait category to wait type chart.
  • Drill through to query details is now context sensitive.
  • Added double click drill through to SQL related charts.
  • Rearranged charts to more logical positioning.

Real-time Grids/Charts

  • Tool-tips are now semi-transparent.
  • Added real-time SQL statements to activity grid.
  • Added correlation of real-time activity to execution history.
  • Added duration to real-time query grids
  • Added Session and Context ID to real-time activity grid.
  • Multi-threaded activity collection for to prevent delay in collection.


  • Added “severity” to the scan module event log.
  • Added scan module event log viewer.
  • Icon additions and modifications.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where only whole numbers were being collected for query cost.
  • Resolved issue where multi-threaded SPIDS were being consolidated.

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