Enabling Growth Through Performance
Enabling Growth Through Performance

VPS Change Log 1.7.3

Blocked Processes

  • Added cached collection and interpretation of SQL Server Agent job names.

Notable Query

  • Added default Query checksum for binary zero hashes. This will prevent the grouping of queries which are not alike such as ROW FETCH operations.
  • Added advanced option [Use Actuals when Deltas Are Unavailable] which allows for collection of single run notable queries and for the collection and use of queries where a qualifying previous session cannot be used for delta calculation.
  • Notable query search grid limit increased from 100 to 1,000.
  • Notable query drill-through into individual collections are now grouped by last execution date.
  • Added option to view baseline notable queries. These are typically hidden, but can be insightful in cases where notable queries are observed only a few times or when SQL Server is frequently flushing the execution cache.

Notable Query Observations

  • Added cached collection and interpretation of SQL Server Agent job names.

Performance Dashboard

  • Converted SQL Waits and Wait Categories to average milliseconds per second.


  • Added additional options to prevent the averaging of small durations of SQL executions and SQL Agent jobs which underexaggerate the duration of workloads. This should cut down on excessive alerts.
  • Renamed SQL Server Agent Job “History” alerts to “Activity”.
  • Added several new conditions to [SQL Agent Job Activity] alert category which allow for alerting of out of band duration executions.
  • Added SQL Object Name (when applicable) to the notable query observation alerts.


  • Resolved issue with installer overwriting ACTIVE flag on alert operator groups.
  • Resolved issue removing all members of an alert group.
  • Resolved issue with dashboards using the day after the selected day.
  • Resolved issue with query workload observations which caused application name, login name and host name to be omitted from collection when the wait type was NULL.
  • Resolved issue where index count reported by notable query search was not matched to the index suggestion search.
  • Resolved issues with Database Report parameters not passing the ComputerId to reports.

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