Enabling Growth Through Performance
Enabling Growth Through Performance

VPS Change Log 1.8.0


  • Added occurrence date to the available deadlock alert fields.
  • Added date-time formatting for all alerts. This allows VPS to use dates/times in alert identifiers and conditions.
  • Removed SQL Server Blocks alert category, it was made redundant with this update. (All block alerting is still available).

SQL Server Query Observations

  • Added the collection of additional cursor information when they are observed to be running.
  • Added credential pooled processing to more efficiently collect session information.
  • Added command type to notable query collection.
  • Added execution count filter to NQ search.
  • Added new SQL Logic Hashing. Breaking from the built-in SQL hashing – VPs is now capable of tying all types of collected events to a unified event.
  • Added parent-query collection and moved collection point to the parent. Child queries are still collected but without performance metrics.
  • Notable query search now allows for direct search of both real-time and historical user sessions.
  • Added user name, host name, application name, and object name to all notable query grids.


  • Added collection of SQL Server Statistics. It is now possible to track data volume changes per-table over time.


  • Added interpretation and collection of SQL Agent Job names.
  • Added NQID and its associated alias to deadlock, waiters, owners, and added drill-through links.


  • Added blocked process lineage snapshots, allows VPS to retroactively display block the evolution of block chains.
  • Removed the option to view current or historical blocks. All blocks are collected and displayed in real-time.
  • Added NQID and its associated alias to blocks and added drill-through links.
  • Added database name and wait-time filtering.

UI Misc.

  • Added ability to specify a custom color per computer for the server explorer tabs.
  • Added additional drill-through level from the performance snapshot screen, this allowing an initial lightweight drill into the distinct queries and then a drill into the sessions.
  • Rearranged many grid columns and added various drill throughs for uniformity.
  • Standardized date-time default values to include the remainder of the present day, this is to accommodate the various data points that are now collected in real time.
  • Converted all displays of the NQID to include the query alias, allowing users to track custom query names throughout VPS.


  • Added momentary aggregation worker, this will periodically update the operational data store (ODS) for better UI performance and real-time analytics.
  • Added credential pooled processing to more efficiently collect real-time session information.
  • Added persistent process recycling which allows for more efficient collection over extended periods of time.
  • Added auto-initialization of Admin Tool configuration at install time.
  • Added SQL Logic Hash rebuild option to Admin Tool.
  • Updated to the latest production version of SMO and related libraries.
  • Updated to the latest production version of SQL Reporting libraries.
  • Swapped out performance snapshot to use session aggregates from ODS as opposed to real-time aggregations.


  • Resolved issue with “duplicate key” and “cannot insert null value” when collecting workload observations with multiple execution plans.
  • Resolved issues collecting SQL Server database metrics when configured growth rates were greater than 4GB.
  • Resolved issue which caused alerts to not become triggered if they contained no conditions.
  • Resolved issues which caused SQL Server Agent Job notifications to not be dispatched.
  • Resolved issue which would sometimes merged unassociated block headers.
  • Resolved Int32 overflow during database size calculation.
  • Resolved issue with acknowledging/ignoring alerts from the computer overview screen.
  • Resolved issue with manual reports not functioning on some workstations due to a missing reporting component.

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