Enabling Growth Through Performance
Enabling Growth Through Performance

VPS Change Log 1.8.5


  • Added switches to allow skipping SQL admin checking. This is useful when no objects need to be created that require admin rights. Pass /nosqladmin to the installer executable.
  • Added security support for installing using a UPN.
  • Dropped multi-server scale-out installation from mainstream distribution – available upon request for larger installations.
  • Added feature which will add the VPS service credential as the first usable credential to VPS.
  • Added support for VPS meta-base SQL authentication. This is most important to workgroup configurations.

Data Collection

  • Removed unnecessary decryption inside credential host.
  • Changed the way that databases, wait types and application names are ignored when configured to do so. When configured to be ignored, they are ignored unless they are involved in blocking – and all ignoring is done at the service level instead of passing the work to the monitored servers.


  • Added domain/workgroup, credential and computer validation and remediation information.
  • Moved the alert dashboard to be the default view when logging into VPS. This now functions as the suites main dashboard.
  • Added ability to select monitoring modules when adding a computer.
  • Resolved issue with deadlocks sometimes not showing the header text.
  • Dropped support for health screen – those have been moved to “canned alerts” and drive the main dashboard.
  • Added ability to view the original SQL Statement and as well as the scrubbed/anonymized SQL statement. This is optional for HIPAA, SOX, and PCI compliance.
  • Drop-down server selection lists now default select the only value when they contain only one item.
  • Added additional SQL execution plan nodes.


  •  Added SQL disk/file latency metrics to real-time dashboard.
  • Added CPU per-database and disk latency per-database.
  • Added calendar-picker for dashboard screens.
  • Added real-time page file info and reordered activity columns.
  • Converted various charts to stacked area.
  • Added coordination of colors for associated series across charts.
  • Tuned data aggregation and set it to run more frequently.
  • Resolved real-time metrics not populating on SQL 2014.
  • Remove real-time chart legend items when series has low/no data points. Clutter reduction!

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